This stretch is a unique FlexiBelt™ release that will especially help to improve internal and external rotation of the hip. This will lead to a greater range of motion and is great for people with hip arthritis and Piriformis syndrome. The Figure 4 stretch also lends a hand to improved sexual flexibility for both men and women.


To begin the Figure 4 Release using the FlexiBelt, place a loop on the middle of each foot. Lie on your back with knees bent, feet on the floor, hands holding each side of the FlexiBelt outside of the knees.  Keep hands on belt on outside of thighs keeping belt taut on each thigh.

Cross your right ankle over the left knee, inhale. As you exhale, straighten left knee with the belt assistance to bring the right knee towards the chest. Inhale and exhale 2-3 breaths to deepen the stretch.

Repeat same sequence on the other side. Repeat series for 3 repetitions alternating legs.