This great FlexiBelt™ stretch is tremendous in preventing groin pulls and strains. Anyone, particularly women, who are experiencing a decrease in hip flexiblity will find this release to help return them to shape. You may even find that this boost in mobility in the groin region can lead to improved intimacy, as well as enhancements in other areas of your active lifestyle.

To begin Groin Release using the FlexiBelt, place a loop on the middle of each foot. Lie on your back with knees bent, feet on the floor, hands holding each side of the FlexiBelt.

Bring both legs to the upright position, feet pointing to the ceiling. Hold for 2-3 breaths.

Exhale and slowly lower each leg to the outside while keeping both knees straight. Engage core by drawing belly button up and in towards the spine. Holds for 2-3 breaths in full groin release.

Slowly return legs together to the upright position. Bend knees and gently return feet to the floor. Repeat series for 3 repetitions.